My Groups 1.5

If you need help, please send an email to*** MASS Texting is HERE!!! So is great customer service!!Apple just approved the Mass Texting update. You will need to update your iPhone to iOS4. (Standard texting/data rates ...

My Groups 1.5

If you need help, please send an email to

*** MASS Texting is HERE!!! So is great customer service!!

Apple just approved the Mass Texting update. You will need to update your iPhone to iOS4. (Standard texting/data rates apply)

*** If you have questions or experiencing issue send us a note to

My Groups is a convenient, easy-to-use tool that helps you organize and keep in touch with your contacts. With My Groups on your iPhone, never again will you feel like you need to take a refresher class on how to navigate through your contact list to make it more user friendly.

- Best app on iPhone
Well now the iPhone can finally bury the blackberry for good. Mass text is so monumental my next child will be named "My Groups"!
-- Jdgryder - Version 1.2 (iOS 4 Tested) - 01 July 2010

GREAT app!!
"This is a well thought out application that provides the answer to many of the iPhones communication issues! Love the mass email option from a business standpoint! Thank you light-switch apps for this app!! I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next!"

How many times has this happened to you? You need to call someone and you need to sift through the dozens and dozens of phone numbers you have in your main contact list to get to their name. You've tried nicknaming people that you call most often with letters at the beginning of the alphabet to put them higher on your list, and you've preceded their names with "a", "b", or "c"; and even thats is too much to handle. And on top of that can't even remember how you've "coded" people any more. Now, with My Groups on your iPhone, those days of playing the name game are over!

The creators of My Groups have felt your pain. Now you can divide your contacts into custom designed groups, making them much easier to find, and send out mass e-mails and mass text messages. My Groups even gives you features for sharing and exporting. And you don't need a degree in engineering to figure it out.

Even "Suzie Homemaker" types with limited or no technical abilities can maneuver through their contacts with ease. My Groups gives you everything you've could ever want in an organizational tool, and also provides you with other straightforward and functional capabilities.

My Group Features:
*Create multiple groups of contacts
*Assign contact to more than one group
*Assign custom icon/picture to a group for easy identification
*Customize the arrangement of groups
*Allows multiple pages of groups
*Extended functionality to include, company¦.
*Add additional contacts to a group
*Delete contacts from a group
*Backup contacts in vCard and CSV file
*Export contact information for the entire group in CSV format
*Share groups of contacts via vCards
*Mass mail entire group with a push of a few buttons
*Mass text entire group with the push of a button (Standard texting, messaging, and data rates apply.)
*Familiar, simple iPhone navigation
*Enhanced navigation capabilities

With My Groups on your iPhone, you'll be able to keep in touch with anyone at any time without breaking a sweat doing it. We're as committed to you as you are to your contacts. Unlike the growing number of dead apps that leave you stranded with empty promises and no support after they're downloaded, we provide our consumers with that little something extra. We're dedicated to supporting our users in any way we can. Download My Groups now and don't be a stranger!

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